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Join the IMRF!

Join the IMRF!

Our Members work hard, each and every day, to make sure that normal maritime activities don't turn to tragedy. Their personnel are ready to provide a professional search and rescue response should things go wrong. And, for thousands of people every year, it does go wrong. Their lives may depend on rescuers being on hand, and often putting their own lives at risk, to save people who they have probably never met before.

The IMRF supports rescuers around the world, better enabling them to save lives and improve the safety of everyone who plies the world's waters.

Join us in delivering on our shared humanitarian goal of preventing loss of lives in the world's waters.

2016 Activity Report


2016 Activity Report

Want to know more about what the International Maritime Rescue Federation (IMRF)?

View the 2016 Activity Report on the left, or download it below:

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Read All About the Memberships

Read All About the Memberships

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Complete Online

Complete Online

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Or Contact

Or Contact:

IMRF Secretariat

Telephone: +44 1569 767405
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Already a Member?

Already a Member?

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Annual Membership

Full Member
Turnover =>€4 million €4200
Turnover €400,000 to €4 million   €1900
Turnover < €400,000 €420
Associate Member €1200
Affiliate Member €120
IMRF Supporter €30

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