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How to Use the MAM System

What is MAM?

What is MAM?

MAM stands for “Members Assisting Members”. It is designed to help IMRF Members and IMRF Guests sharing their resources, services and expertise with each other.

The IMRF has set up an Posts Board for IMRF Members and IMRF Guests to post Posts on it. One can request, offer, exchange, sell and buy items and services.

The aim is simple: to help each other and to prevent loss of life in the World’s waters.

View and Find Posts

View and Find Posts


The MAM Home page is the place to find all Posts. You can search them in the Categories. The Posts are also placed separately on the front page and you can search them in the search bar at the right hand sight. To view an Post, click on the Post.

Respond On a Post

Respond On a Post

If you want to contact the person/organisation who have placed the Post, you need to log in as a Member first.


Once you have logged in, the button “Contact this Author” will work when clicked.


Once you have clicked on the button “Contact this Author”, a form will appear. Write your message and click “Send”. The message is send directly to the Author of the post.

An Author can also decide to input contact details in the body of the Post. Of course you can use those contact details for contacting the Author.

Log In Your Account

Log In Your Account


Click on the top menu tab “Log In” and log in as an IMRF Member.

If you have forgotten your Log In details, you can use the “Forgot Your Password?” and “Forgot Your Username?” below. You can also contact Wendy Webster, IT Management & Digital Creative Officer, at to reset your account for you.

Change Contact E-mail Address and/or Log In Details

Change Contact E-mail Address and/or Log In Details


You need to be logged in as a member to be able to use the “Members Menu” in the footer of the MAM website. Once you have logged in, please click on “Change Log-In Details”.


A new Window/Tab will open. You can change your name, username, password and e-mail address here. Submit when done and return to the MAM Website.

View Your Posts

View Your Posts


After logging in as a Member, you can find “Your Posts” in the Top Menu, under “Log In”.


Or in the side Menu “MAM Member Menu”.


You can manage, edit, and delete your Posts here.

Add a New Post

Add a New Advert


You can find “Add New Posts” under the top menu tab “Log In”.


Or in the Side Menu “MAM Member Menu”.


Fill in the form following the fields from top to bottom. The fields with a star * are mandatory. The fields without a star * are optional.

A quick description of each field of the “New PostForm”.

Title: Mandatory    A catchy title of your Post.
Category: Mandatory  Select a Category you think the Post belongs to.
Type:  Optional  Select the type of the Post. Is it: “For Sale”, “Exchange”, “Free”, “Urgently Needed”, “Needed”, “Offered”?
Expire after (days):   Optional  For how long would you like the Post to be displayed? You can select up to 90 days.
Intro Description: Mandatory A brief summery regarding your Post.
Description: Optional  The main text of your Post.
Contact Details:  Mandatory Please your name, e-mail address and/or telephone number here. Only fellow members will be able to see this.
Price:  Optional Input a price, but this is not needed.
Images:  Optional Upload any images.

Save your Post when done.

Profile – View and Edit

You can use your profile (optional) to input all the contact details you want to use for all your Posts. A visiting member will only be able to view profiles when logged in and you can only change your profile details when you have logged in.


Post Contact details and Profiles can only be viewed when you log in as a member. To view the profile, just click on it.


To change your profile, log in and go to “Edit Your Profile”.


You can fill in all the fields, but this is optional. Click “save” when done.

Let People Know About Your Post(s)

Let People Know About Your Post(s)

The IMRF will update and publish the MAM system often to promote anyPosts you have placed, but there is nothing so good as to do some promotion yourself. You can use the URL link to place it on Social Media, your own website, or your own newsletters.

I Need More Help!

I Need More Help!

Need more help regarding the MAM system, or the IMRF website? You can contact the IT department at . Please explain the symptoms of your problem as accurate as possible and we will get back to you as soon as possible.



The International Maritime Rescue Federation (IMRF) will be monitoring the MAM system, the IMRF is not responsible for the contents of the Posts placed on the Members Assisting Members (MAM) Board by the IMRF Members.

The IMRF is not responsible for the communication between Members regarding the Posts and the contents placed on the Members Assisting Members Board by the IMRF Members.

The International Maritime Rescue Federation will not receive payments, goods or services on behalf of Members using the MAM system. 

The IMRF is able to give advice regarding the Members Assisting Members system.

The IMRF will not allow Posts asking for donations or other types of funding. This board is meant mainly for equipment, services and support in general. If you have any queries, please do not hestitate to contact us at 

For organisations and companies that provide commercial products and services as their core activity we will require you to be Associate Members of the IMRF to gain access to the site....unless you wish to donate product or services to assist our members.

Please click here to join as an Associate Member (new window)

Please click here (opens e-mail window) if you have products or services you wish to donate as a commercial company.  






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