As part of our #SARyouOK? initiative, we will be hosting an online workshop on 26 April 2023 at 09.00 BST to 11.00 BST.

Registration for this workshop is now available. Click here to register today!

The workshop will consist of three sessions, with speakers from the UK’s RNLI, South Africa’s National Search and Rescue Institute, New Zealand Search and Rescue Secretariat, and Sweden’s Chalmers University of Technology

The session topics are as follows: 

  • Session 1: Understanding where your organisation is at with mental health and emotional well-being awareness.    
  • Session 2: The importance for organisations to embed mental health and emotional well-being awareness.
  • Session 3: Normalising mental health and well-being into SAR practice.

We will publish the agenda for this workshop shortly.

What Is the #SARyouOK? Initiative?

Our #SARyouOK? initiative aims to increase awareness and further break down the stigma that is attached to mental health and wellbeing issues faced by those working in the maritime SAR sector.

For further details on this initiative, please go to the #SARyouOK? Initiative pages.