James has worked for the RNLI for over twenty years.

He initially worked at the RNLI in a variety of marketing, fundraising and communication roles but in 2008 he was appointed as Corporate Services Director and continued a career covering a broad portfolio with responsibilities including Estate Management, Governance, Business Planning and Continuous Improvement. 

In 2011 James became Fundraising and Communications Director and led a substantial restructure to ensure the ‘funding engine’ of the RNLI was fit for the future.

Following the organisation’s strategic review in 2014, James took on the task of developing the RNLI’s International strategy to start to investigate how the ‘hidden drowning epidemic’ (which accounts for 320,000 deaths each year) might be tackled.

Most of these deaths are in low and middle-income countries and affect both inland and coastal communities as they go about their daily lives.

For the last five years his team has been developing a collaborative approach to raise the issue of global drowning (including building support for the first ever UN resolution on drowning reduction) and developing simple but effective solutions to create capability in communities around the world (including a drowning reduction trial covering 400,000 people, in southern Bangladesh). 

James became a Trustee of the IMRF in 2014 and until recently has also been a Trustee of Shelterbox, a charity that delivers emergency shelter to communities affected by disaster.

In summary James brings over ten years of strategic management experience across a wide range of disciplines.

James was re-elected IMRF Trustee at the QGM in Vancouver in June 2019. 

"Personally, I’m really excited to be part of the Trustee team again for the next four years and play my role in supporting the wonderful IMRF team to connect SAR people and influence better global capacity and capability. Simply put, too many people still drown and I believe the IMRF has a key role in tackling this issue and therefore my hope for the next four years is that the IMRF can make a real impact on these objectives by mobilising the SAR community to share, learn and speak up the risk of drowning which is often neglected policy makers and funders around the world."

Location: RNLI - United Kingdom

Telephone: +44 1202 663154

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