With over 25 years' maritime SAR background, MR Zhang Rongjun has gathered rich experience in coordinating and organizing international and domestic maritime SAR operations.

Mr Zhang has been served for Donghai Rescue Bureau of CRS as Deputy Director-General since 2012 prior to which he was Deputy-Director of the General Operational Office of the China Maritime Search and Rescue Center.

He has a good understanding of the IMRF. He started to be involved the IMRF work in 2001, witnessed its rapid development in the past decade, until he was appointed as Deputy Manager of the IMRF Asia Pacific Regional Centre (APRC) when it was established in 2011 with assistance and support of CRS.

Under Mr Zhang's leadership, the APRC team has made great achievement in recruiting new IMRF members, fundraising and building exchange platform for the SAR organizations in the region.

APRC will be a good sample of cooperation between the IMRF and its member organization.

Location: Shanghai - China

Telephone: +86-21-55095107 and +86-21-55095107

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