IMRF Awards

Shine the Spotlight on Exceptional Team Members and Game-Changing Innovations, says IMRF

The IMRF (International Maritime Rescue Federation) Awards 2019 are now open for nominations, offering a chance to recognise incredible people, new innovations and technologies that make saving lives at sea possible, even in the most difficult and demanding circumstances. Read more

Nominate for the IMRF Awards NOW: Maritime SAR Organisations Urged to Celebrate Successful Rescue Operations

The highly regarded IMRF Awards are in their fourth year.  They attract nominations from around the world, covering everything from those involved in the establishment of a national maritime emergency service, to local heroes who have dedicated their entire lives to establishing or improving services to save lives at sea in their region. Read more

The IMRF Awards 2019 Are Now Open for Nominations

The International Maritime Rescue Federation (IMRF) is calling for outstanding individuals, teams, professionals or volunteers, companies and organisations involved in maritime search and rescues – all around the world - to be nominated for an IMRF Award 2019. Read more

IMRF Award Winners 2018

The winners of the IMRF Awards 2018 have been announced at a formal dinner and award ceremony attended by shortlisted finalists from around the world. Read more

Roll of Honour for All Those Nominated for an IMRF Award 2018

Roll of Honour for All Those Nominated for an IMRF Award 2018 Read more