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Internationally there is very little guidance available with regard to starting up or running a maritime search and rescue unit, and few official methods of sharing best practice between organisations.

Aims to

The IMRF's project to develop guidelines for maritime SAR units of less than 24 metres in length aims to: 

imrfbutton2 Develop a mutually agreed set of guidelines for the design and operation of smaller
  maritime search and rescue vessels.
imrfbutton2 Create an international workgroup to develop and sustain the guidelines.
imrfbutton2 Encourage organisations to adopt a risk-based safety management approach to their operations.
imrfbutton2 Enhance cooperation and working practices to deliver improvements in global SAR operations.

The Project is Developing

RCM-SAR Station 35 Victoria s 40 ft TolonenThe project is developing a simple to use web-based application that will allow users to receive tailored guidance on the management of typical maritime SAR risks. 

The application will also provide dynamic links to reference and example documents to facilitate global improvements through knowledge sharing.

The guidelines are currently at the drafting stage and the involvement of members to review the current work and/or to submit useful knowledge to share will be welcomed.

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