Please contact me if you are interested in any of the following efforts and project proposals. I'm open to co-authorship on papers, or project development.
(FYI: They were submitted abstracts to the WMRC2019. Original abstracts available on request)
I have writing, research and academia experience, with a number of publications in non-maritime subjects.
These concepts have been developed in my own time, and are on-the-shelf, so funding is needed to sustainably work on them.
This is an example of my efforts and creativity to find work (and a career-path) opportunities in maritime SAR (Please contact me if you have any opportunities, whether temporary or otherwise in which I might serve.)

1) Know Your Boat - Improving Maritime SRU Familiarity with Visual Aids.

This wmrc abstract was originally intended to present my ideas for visual means of helping boat crew become familiar with their SRU.
It is based on the visual aids and study guides I've created during past training experiences. These guides have helped me and past fellow trainees to learn and memorize SRU specifications.
However, pursuing this project (or paper) together can be taken in other directions, e.g., summarizing various visual aids from your org. and brainstorming new platforms.

My visual aid Example 1: NH1816 rescue boat presentation
(I voluntarily developed (and gave) this animated presentation of the NH1816 to KNRM during visits and informal volunteership at their station.)

Example 2: I developed USCG vessel study-guide spec sheets for the 47MLB and 41UTB, during past training as boat crew

2. Preparation and Training for First-responders to Respond to Water and/or Ice Rescue Incidents (Co-authored w Water rescue trainer, G.Dworkin)
This submission would have presented standards of prep. & training in the US.

3. The Spirit of SAR - Increasing Inclusiveness and Fairness in Maritime SAR - With Selected Experiences

4. Consolidating and Sharing maritime SAR Information for Improved Training - One project proposal and One call for contributions
One project proposal is a neutral database for maritime SAR best-practices.
The call-for-contributions is my Maritime SAR Bibliography project supportable at

5. Improving Maritime Search and Rescue Terminology - The PWC Case-study (wmrc abstract submission submitted w Water Rescue trainer, T.Hargett)
This topic is currently an in-progress paper I have that demonstrates some terminology in the PWC community is inaccurate. I employ systematic terminology development principles to demonstrate this and provide solutions. It is a case-study and example related to a larger project concept (#6 below) on using formal methods to represent SAR knowledge and data in a precise and accurate manner.

6. Knowledge-based approaches for Maritime SAR data: A Call for Partners
Drawing on some of my past university studies, this describes my project to apply knowledge-based and specific topics AI to help model and share SAR data and knowledge. (FYI: I am interested in returning to university for this to be a thesis or degree project. This can be an inter-organizational partnership--a university w/me as a student, SAR org. or industry company, etc.) Please contact me if you're interested or you know university/academia professors who may be)

University Alumus emails: rrovetto[at]terpalum[dot]umd[dot]edu or rrovetto[at]buffalo[dot]edu
Personal email: robertjohnrovetto[at]gmail[dot]com
My maritime resume, and academic non-maritime CV available on request.