The International Maritime Rescue Federation (IMRF) Needs Your Support

People across the world risk their lives every day to save the lives of others in need in a maritime setting.

They are supported by countless people working behind the scenes developing new technologies or co-ordinating life-saving missions.

The inspiring stories you can read on the IMRF Awards pages to illustrate this. 

Please join the IMRF as an IMRF Supporter, or donate to support our work in improving maritime search and rescue capability worldwide.

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Who We Are

The IMRF is the international NGO working to develop and improve maritime search and rescue (SAR) capacity around the world, preventing loss of life in the world’s waters.  

We are the only maritime SAR NGO with consultative status at the United Nations’ International Maritime Organization (IMO).

Why We Exist

The latest World Health Organization (WHO) Global Health Estimates show that around 320,000 people drown every year.

The means that roughly 36 people around the world drown every hour.

Many of these deaths could be prevented by improved maritime SAR services, which is why the work of the IMRF is so important.

Some Examples of What We Do

We are at the forefront of Global SAR development – in Africa in 2018 we delivered 12 regional SAR Training courses with over 160 participants across Africa taking part.

As the international voice of maritime SAR, we play a significant role in the development of international SAR regulation and policy.

Each year, the IMRF Awards celebrate the achievements of exceptional individuals and organisations, raising global awareness of the outstanding work done by people across the maritime SAR sector.

2018 Activity Reports

Please access our 2018 Activity Report here to learn more about the work of the IMRF.

IMRF Activity Report 2018

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IMRF Activity Report 2018 - Developing Maritime SAR across Africa

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