IMRF Awards 2022 - Nomination Form

Thank you for submitting a nomination for this year’s IMRF Awards. The IMRF Awards 2022 seek to recognise and thank those who have made an outstanding contribution to maritime SAR around the world.

The judges will make their decision based on the information that you provide. Therefore, please complete this form as fully as possible. Click send at the bottom of the form to submit your nomination. You will receive an email from us to confirm that your nomination has been submitted.

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If you would like to highlight a particular maritime SAR incident as part of your nomination, please make sure that you include the following details:
• When and where the operation took place
• Who was involved
• What actually happened
• What made the operation so challenging
• What were the weather/sea conditions
• The skills and/or expertise that made a difference to the outcome
• The result of the operation (e.g. how many lives were saved?)
• Any longer-term impacts (e.g. changes in operational procedures after the incident)?


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Please note that your nomination form, contact details, images and details will be forwarded to the IMRF Team and judges for consideration, with all details saved/backed up on the IMRF’s Cloud system.

If your nomination is shortlisted, we reserve the right to publish the name of the nomination, with any photos, videos and website URL (if any) and the story of the nominated person/team/service/invention & innovation, on a variety of media/online/social media channels, including - but not limited to - the IMRF website, our news e-mails, the SAR HUB Bulletin for “Members Only”, and other promotional mediums.

This will be for the purposes of raising awareness of and promoting the IMRF.

We will not publish your or the nominee’s contact details. We will not give, or sell, your personal details to third parties.

If at any point you no longer want your name, contact details and nomination details to be stored and used by us, or you wish to withdraw your nomination, please contact us on [email protected]