Contact Details

Satellite Phone: +870 77222 6804 / 77 222 6805
Landline: +233 0803211781/ 0303211 782 / 0303 211 753 / 0303 211 754 / 4601 99024


Captain Asuako-Owiredu

Telephone:  +233-303 207 872 / +233-244286606 

Armah Agyeman

Telephone:   +233 241 849 132

About Tema MRSC

Initially operated on 16/5 basis but now would revert to 24/7 following the completion of the VTS centre.

Services being provided by centre

i.  Data gathering and dissemination of information
ii.  Provide meteorological services
iii.  Provide listening watch on VHF, and others
iv.  Limited SAR coordinators
v. Past meeting pictures

About Ghana

Ghana (/ˈɡɑːnə/ (About this soundlisten)), officially the Republic of Ghana, is a country located along the Gulf of Guinea and Atlantic Ocean, in the subregion of West Africa. Spanning a land mass of 238,535 km2 (92,099 sq mi), Ghana is bordered by the Ivory Coast in the west, Burkina Faso in the north, Togo in the east and the Gulf of Guinea and Atlantic Ocean in the south. Ghanameans "Warrior King" in the Soninke language.[10]

The first permanent state in the territory of present-day Ghana dates back to the 11th century. Numerous kingdoms and empires emerged over the centuries, of which the most powerful was the Kingdom of Ashanti.[11] Beginning in the 15th century, numerous European powers contested the area for trading rights, with the British ultimately establishing control of the coast by the late 19th century. Following over a century of native resistance, Ghana's current borders were established by the 1900s as the British Gold Coast. It became independent of the United Kingdom on 6 March 1957.[12][13][14]

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