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Project leader Andy Flanagan writes:

I am delighted to advise that after 8 months of managing this project we will have a working model of the online Rescue Boat Guidelines tool launching at the World Maritime Rescue Congress.

We currently have the model being trialled and critiqued by some of our subject matter experts to allow any final adjustments.

At the launch we will provide the ability to go on-line and, after identifying the scope of activity you intend to undertake, generate a report of guidance for equipment, training and procedures recommended by the IMRF.

This guidance is pulled from over 2,000 lines saved in a central database developed by our Members.

The RBG is guidance: we know that rescue is undertaken in a variety of craft. The ability to filter out areas that are not relevant to an organisation will help provide manageable lists of recommended actions that will not flood the users with too much information.

Our filtering system allows you to identify the key items you intend to develop, with the option of seeking further help from the IMRF if needed. After filtering there is a priority list of recommendations, rated against a risk matrix. This will assist organisations to target development in areas our experts view as being of highest risk.

I am excited at where we have managed to get this project to, but even more so with where we can take it now that we have the base levels established. I hope to bring together interested parties at Congress to gather your thoughts and feedback on the RBG and your recommendations on how we can further enhance them.

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