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That’s fine, but who are you going to rescue and what type of rescue will it be?

The IMRF is regularly approached by organisations who are setting up to rescue people in distress at sea. This normally happens after a local tragedy: people get together and say “never again”. But too often the starting point for these discussions is “We need a rescue boat. Do you know anyone with a boat to sell or donate?”

We encourage these budding organisations to take a step back and consider:

what problem is it that they are looking to solve
what types of rescue do they intend to undertake
what conditions do they intend to go out in
are there local hazards that may influence the type of equipment and training they will require
do they understand the national SAR structure they will be working in
are they sure their intended activity is not duplicating a current service – saving lives is not a competition!

To help developing organisations focus their minds and effort the IMRF has developed the Rescue Boat Guidelines (RBG), launched in the middle of last year.

The RBG now has a dedicated website www.imrfrbg.org which provides information and guidance on how to go about establishing a rescue service operating rescue vessels of less than 24 metres length. (The IMO Load Line Convention applies to vessels over 24 metres).

Most importantly, once you have a good idea of what you intend to do, RBG opens the door on the experience and knowledge of our member organisations bundled together in an on-line tool which will help you document and implement an internationally recognised, simple, justifiable and scalable framework for safe and effective maritime SAR operations.

And best of all it’s free. So what have you got to lose? Head to the website and get started.

It’s not just for start-ups either. For existing rescue organisations the on-line RBG tool is a great way of auditing your current systems and identifying any “gaps”. Give it a try.

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