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Download and read all about the Rescue Boat Guidelines Parts 1 to 4.

RBG Digital

International Guidelines for the Design and Operation of Maritime SRUs less than 24 metres in length.

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RBG - Part 4 - "A Common Standard ..."

Part 4

"A Common Standard Of Training for Maritime SAR Unit Coxswains, Mechanics & Crew Members" is a Guidance set up by the ILF Working Group comprising representatives from: IMRF - United Kingdom, DGzRS - Germany, KNRM - The Netherlands, NSSR - Norway, SSRS - Sweden and RNLI - United Kingdom.



I Introduction and Preamble
II Definition of Terms
III Primary Positions on Board a MSRU
IV Coxswain
IV.1 Mandatory Minimum Requirements for Certification
IV.2 Minimum Knowledge for Certification
V Mechanic
V.1 Mandatory Minimum Requirements for Certification
V.2 Minimum Knowledge for Certification
V.2.1 Mechanics on MSRU’s of less than 750 kW
V.2.1.1 Elementary theoretical Knowledge
V.2.1.2 Adequate practical Knowledge
V.2.2 Mechanics on MSRU’s of 750 kW and more
V.2.2.1 Elementary theoretical Knowledge
V.2.2.2 Adequate practical Knowledge
VI Radio Operator
VI.1 Minimum Requirements for Certification
VI.2 Minimum additional Knowledge for Certification
VII Ordinary Crew
VII.1 Minimum Requirements
VII.2 Basic Safety Knowledge
VII.3 Additional Knowledge
VIII Trainee
VIII.1 Basic Safety Training
VIII.2 Guidance for Personal Survival Techniques
IX Mandatory Minimum Requirements to Ensure the Continued Proficiency and Updating of Knowledge for MSRU-Crew
X Watch keeping

RBG - Part 3 - Digital Tool

Part 3

International Guidelines for the Design and Operation of Maritime SRUs less than 24 metres in length.

The purpose of this tool is to document and implement an internationally recognised, simple, justifiable and scalable framework for safe and effective maritime SAR operations.

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How to Use the RBG Digital Tool

Watch the IMRF RBG Tutorial below.

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