World Maritime Rescue Congress - Survey

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Thank you for attending the World Maritime Rescue Congress 2015, Bremerhaven, between 1-4 June 2015. To help us improve future conferences, can you please complete the short survey below?

Please tell us how you agree/disagree with the following comments. You can use the boxes at the end of the survey to make further comments.

I was happy with the overall organisation of the World Maritime Rescue Congress.

The speakers and presentations were useful overall.

The range of topics covered were appropriate.

The programming in terms of balance between discussion opportunities and presentations was well balanced.

There were enough breaks to allow sufficient time for networking with other delegates.

The exhibition was of value with appropriate exhibitors.

The combining of the DGzRS Celebrations and the WMRC worked well.

What did you like or dislike about the Congress?

In what ways could the Congress be improved?

Having attended this Congress, would you see value in your organisation joining the IMRF and would you like more information?

Please provide a contact name and e-mail address if you have ticked "yes" to the question regarding Membership above. We will not give or sell your information to a third party.


Thank you for submitting this survey. The information given will be used to improve our quality in the service to you and our members.

SafeTrx is a Vessel Tracking Smartphone Application, that Fills a Critical Gap in Maritime SAR

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Written by Nessa Malone - SafeTrx - Product Manager

Designed in close co-operation with Coast Guard and Sea Rescue organisations, SafeTrx provides boat users, who don't have or use AIS on board with a cheap, easy, automated and reliable means to keep the SAR authorities informed of their voyage plans and location.

Recognising the use of Smartphones as a growing reality in the Search and Rescue (SAR) environment, SafeTrx will bring the myriad of small craft that make up your highest risk demographic into your surveillance and alerting system. The application is a fully automated, proven, cost effective and easy to use solution, which can be deployed in a matter of weeks. Now the standard solution in mobile application vessel tracking in Ireland, the UK, Australia, Spain, South Africa, and soon, the Netherlands, SafeTrx takes the search out of search and rescue.

SafeTrx offers the following benefits to SAR organisations:

1. Fills the critical gap in the maritime situational awareness picture in relation to the
unregulated boating community. (SOLAS opposed to non-SOLAS vessels.)
2. With access to critical location data, boater, vessel and emergency contact
information, SafeTrx shortens the uncertainty phase in an overdue cases and reduces SAR response times as a result.
3. The SafeTrx intelligent warning system activates timely alerts on overdue Sail
Plans providing an early warning system that shortens response times and searches as a consequence.
4. The solution allows for more efficient resource management and deployment as a
result of directing SAR resources more effectively.

With both Sail Plan and Track Only modes, the application has proven popular with the non-GMDSS community - kayakers, canoeists, dinghy's, single fishermen in boats, hire boats, jetskis etc. SafeTrx brings them into a simple system open to everyone with no training or set up costs.

The feedback from our Coast Guard and Sea Rescue customers has been extremely positive:

"SafeTrx helps take the search out of search and rescue. It encourages all sea users to plan and execute their trips better, safer and gives assurance to friends and partners ashore." - Chris Reynolds, Director, Irish Coast Guard.

"During a search and rescue incident, the UK Coastguard collects information about the people and vessels involved so as to narrow down the search area as much as possible and to assist in selecting the most appropriate rescue units to send to the scene. 'When did they set off? Where were they going? When were they due back? What was their last known location? These are all vital pieces of the puzzle and the Coastguard welcomes any system that can contribute to the information-gathering effort. The RYA SafeTrx app will help provide this information" - Keith Oliver, Head of Maritime Operations, Maritime and Coast Guard Agency

"Around 50% of the incidents managed by the Spanish Maritime Safety Agency are related to leisure activities. Salvamento Marítimo SafeTrx can locate, track and monitor vessels in distress which are not required to have neither GMDSS equipment nor VTS systems, providing a new approach to deal with this kind of incidents. We are sure this application can play a significant role in improving safety in coastal waters!" - Juan Luis Pedrosa, Director, Spanish Maritime Safety Agency

"We think we can make an important contribution to the safety of Netherlands watersport end users by offering them the KNRM-SafeTrx application." - Roemer Boogaard, Managing Director, Koninklijke Nederlandse Redding Maatschappij (KNRM)

"Safetrx is an international product with a solid reputation. It has been successfully used in other countries around the globe and we are excited to announce the launch of RSA SafeTrx. It is another tool that paddlers and small craft users can add to their safety equipment, which will help to take the search out of Search and Rescue." - Dr Cleeve Robertson, CEO, National Sea Rescue Institute (NSRI)

We are looking forward to seeing you at our stand at the World Maritime Rescue Congress Exhibition in Bremerhaven.

Please feel free to get in touch directly with me This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. during the event. Learn more about SafeTrx by visiting our website.


Nessa Malone
SafeTrx - Product Manager


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Logo   Organisation Website About

Seareqlogo rotblau   Seareq e.K. Safety & Rescue equipment, electronic locating devices, MOB-system

rafnarlogo2   Rafnar The shipyard utilises the latest technology in robotic machinery for milling, water-cutting, spray-up and lathe work.

rhotheta   RHOTHETA Elektronik GmbH 
Design, development and production of high-quality direction finders for ATC, VTS & SAR applications.

gleistein logo2   Gleistein Ropes& Sohn GmbH Ropes for recreational marine, commercial marine, and industry & trade.

ceo logo2   CeoTronics Audio, Video, Data Communication, Headsets.

fassmer   Fr. Fassmer GmbH & Co. KG Shipbuilding, Lifeboats, Deck Equipment, Wind Power, Composite Technology.

restube   RESTUBE GmbH RESTUBE is your inflatable backup in the water. It is suitable for many nautical sports.

motocom2   Motocom MOTOCOM provides communication for all mobile purposes.

secumar2   SECUMAR Bernhardt Apparatebau GmbH & Co. KG Lifejackets & Accessories.

Logo Schnoor 237   Schnoor Industrieelektronik GmbH & Co. KG Radio systems and communications solutions.

Tamsen Maritimsmall   TAMSEN MARITIM GmbH Maritime Technologies. Design & system solutions.

raymarineLogo2   Raymarine Deutschland GmbH Maritime and Marine Technologies.

furuno2   FURUNO DEUTSCHLAND GmbH Innovative electronics. Ship navigation, communication, fisheries, marine research, etc.

dose2   Karl Dose GmbH Developing durable and resistant products for a reliable supply of electricity and light on high seas.

rein   Rheinmetall Defence Electronics GmbH Automotive components and defence equipment.

fried   MTU Friedrichshaven GmbH Manufacturer of commercial internal combustion engines.

swede2   Swede Ship Marine AB Shipbuilding, components and maintenance.

dacon   Dacon AS Rescue, safety and inspection equipment.

logo ophardt maritim   Ophardt R+D GmbH & Co. KG Research and development. Automation and Aluminium processing.

moje3   Moje Rettungssysteme GmbH Rescue equipment and the Water Rescue Lift.

mcmurdo   McMurdo Group SAR Solutions, Maritime Beacons, Aviation & Military Beacons, Personal Locator Beacons, SAR Infrastructure, MDA Solutions, Fleet Management, Coastal Security & Surveillance.

buhk   Bukh Bremen GmbH Machinery and equipment for the professional and recreational boating.

nautilus   NAUTILUS Marine Service GmbH Vitrovex Deep Sea Housing, Marine Safety Equipment, Marine Technology.

ludolph logo alpha 300x79   W. Ludolph GmbH & Co. KG Nautical, Aeronautical, CNC Machining, Special Machinery, Measuring & Control Technology.

opss logo c2   OptoPrecision GmbH Industrial Solutions & Security Systems.

polstern.jpg.27194   Polizei Bremen - Wasserschutzpolizei Serves and safe-guards the waters around Bremen.

wsv logo home   Generaldirektion Wasserstraßen & Schifffahrt - Außenstelle Nordwest Waterways and Shipping Administration.

logo yacht insurance au   Pantaenius Yachtversicherungen GmbH & Co. KG Sail and Motor Yacht Insurance.

wattana   Wattana GmbH Textile network partners with design, technology and production expertise.

savox2   Savox Communications Communication Equipment.

mediking   Medi-King Medical Trading GmbH Medical devices for emergency services, surgery, nursing home and hospital.

dlrg   Deutsche Lebens-Rettungs-Gesellschaft One of the largest voluntary water rescue organization in the world.

safe at sea logo   Safe at Sea AB SAR Systems, Diving Equipment Service, Training, Development of methods for search and rescue.

MSZ LogoCLEAN   Verwaltungsleitung des Maritimen Sicherheitszentrums A communication & cooperation network of operational forces of the Federation and the coastal states for maritime security.

    Hauptzollamt Bremen Main Customs Office Bremen.

safetrx2   SafeTrx (DeCare Systems Ireland) Safetrx is a vessel tracking smartphone application that fills a critical gap in the maritime situational awareness pictures.

TYROMONT Logo 2011 RGB FINAL   Tyromont Alpintechnik GmbH Manufacturer of Rescue Equipment for Sea & Air Rescue.

sealegs logo   SEALEGS - Amphibious RIB Development, marketing and distribution of boats and yachts.

transas   Transas Marine GmbH Onboard Equipment, Simulation, Charts & Data Services, Port & Vessel Traffic Management Solutions, Training.

weatherdocklogo   Weatherdock AG Manufacturer of electrical equipment for maritime navigation & safety purposes.

bukhlogo   BUKH A/S Producing diesel marine engines for pleasure boats, lifeboats and fast rescue boats.

steyrmotors   Steyr Motors GmbH Production of Diesel engines for all kind of commercial & military vehicles.

alamarin jet L30727   ALAMARIN-JET OY Manufacturing water jet propulsions for coast guard, police, customs and military authorities.

Logo idD   Portuguese Platform for Defence Industries To promote the international expansion of national companies linked to ASD sector.

petor logga   Petor Petor is a company based in the heart of Yacht building in Finland. The offer years of knowledge, expertise, quality, reliable and a professional service. Their services include spare parts, and if required, expert personnell to fit or repair the required part.

zoll logo   Zoll Medical Deutschland ZOLL provides medical products and software solutions, helps responders manage, treat, & save lives in emergency rescues & in & out hospitals.

Presentation Schedule

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The presentations and workshops are devided in three main topics: SAR Organisation & Management, SAR Mission Coordination and SAR Operations. Each of these main topics contain several sub topics (see image above).

Please note that the schedule below might be changed over time. Please visit this page regulary for the latest updates.

For a printable version of the Presentation Schedule, please click here.

Latest Update: 27th February 2015

WMRC SAR Organisation & Management SAR Mission Coordination SAR Operations
31 May 2015


Trade Fair and Exhibition


 Congress Registration


 Congress Meet and Greet

1 June 2015

Congress Registration - and Trade Fair and Exhibition continues


 Congress Opening, Welcomes and Keynote Speeches

1045 Break

SAR Challenges, IMRF Projects and Workshop Introduction

1230 Lunch in Exhibition Area
1400 Prevention workshop MRO workshop Unmanned systems workshop
1500 Break
1545 Prevention workshop MRO workshop Unmanned systems workshop
1645 Break

Congress Barbecue


Exhibitors' Showcase: presentations and demonstrations

2100 Close of Day One

2 June 2015
0830 Databases workshop MRO workshop The role of divers in SAR; and
Ship salvage & SAR
0930 Break
1000 Databases workshop MRO workshop Flood response; and
Whole Body Vibration
1115 Break
1200 Development workshop Decision-making workshop A liferaft exercise; and
Leadership in high risk teams
1300 Lunch in Exhibition Area
1430 Development workshop Special cases workshop Training workshop
1530 Break
1615 Funding workshop Special cases workshop Training workshop
1715 Close of Day Two

Congress Dinner

3 June 2015
0830 Funding workshop Communications workshop Training workshop
0930 Break
1015 Organisational culture workshop Communications workshop Training workshop
1115 Break
1200 Organisational culture workshop Communications workshop Casualty care workshop
1300 Lunch in Exhibition Area

Congress Summary

1530 Close of Congress

IMRF Quadrennial General Meeting (open to all) - first session

1800 Close of Day Three

4 June 2015

IMRF Quadrennial General Meeting - second session

1100 Break

IMRF Quadrennial General Meeting - third session


Farewell Lunch

1400 Close


Download and print the printable version of the Presentation Schedule below:

Sponsorship Opportunities

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Help us to help you!

We have a range of sponsorship opportunities at the World Maritime Rescue Congress. This is your way to support the Congress and promote your organisation to the leaders and decision makers in the world of maritime SAR. Contact us now.


Deutsche Gesellschaft zur Rettung Schiffbrüchiger (DGzRS)
Werderstrasse 2
Bremen 28199


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Telephone: +49 421 53707 400

Contact Form:

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