IMRF Awards

Nomination Category: Team

Shanghai Sun Glory Marine Co. Ltd. is the Sponsor of the Team Category

This Award is for an outstanding team contribution to maritime SAR operations.

The nomination form must describe as fully as possible:

when and where the operation took place;
who was involved;
what actually happened;
what made the operation particularly challenging;
the weather/sea conditions during the incident;
the skills and/or expertise that made a difference to the outcome;
the result of the operation (eg how many lives were saved?);
were there any longer-term impacts (eg changes in operational procedures after the incident)?

Past Winner Award Stories

Outstanding Team Contribution to a Maritime SAR Operation

Awards Story 2021: Lifeboat Station Scheveningen
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Awards Story 2018: KNRM Station Terschelling Paal 8 Awards Story 2017: MOAS (the Migrant Offshore Aid Station) - Malta
Awards Story 2016: The Proactiva Open Arms Team 
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