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On 17 November 2021, the IMRF hosted our Mass Rescue Operations (MRO): Filling the Capability Gap – Webinar.

This webinar was led by Dave Jardine-Smith, who for many years led the IMRF's MRO project. Dave provided a brief overview of the MRO challenge. 

Tom Gorgol, United States Coast Guard, Program Manager - Mass Rescue Operations, delivered a presentation titled “MRO Planning and Preparation; Guiding principles to ensure an effective community response”. 

Joining them both was Matthew Fader from SSRS who gave an overview of our upcoming International Mass Rescue Conference (G5) on 12-14 June 2022 and why you should be there! You can book your place here

Part of the webinar involved a Q&A. These questions are recorded in the Chat Log below and the answers can be seen in the video below.

Mass Rescue Operations: Filling the Capability Gap - Webinar Recording

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Chat Log

Mass Rescue Operations: Filling the Capability Gap - Chat Log


Mass Rescue Operations: Filling the Capability Gap - Presentations

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