MRO SME Course Locations

Chalmers University of Technology - College of Applied Engineering and Maritime Studies – Lindholmen
Forskningsgången 4
41756 Göteborg

The classroom will either be located in either SAGA or SVEA building.

Transport Between SPAR Hotel Majorna and Chalmers University of Technology

An MRO SME Course instructor will accompany those who wish from SPAR Hotel Majorna to Chalmers Lindholmen, on the mornings of the course (15-17 June 2022).

Please meet him in the lobby by 07:55.

The SME course Instructor will be leaving at 08:00 and will be taking the following route.

This consists of an 8-minute walk from SPAR Hotel Majorna to Klippan Ferry Dock.

The ferry from Klippan will say “Mot Lilla Bommen via Eriksberg” and will take 16 minutes to reach the second stop “Lindholmspiren” where the Chalmers Campus is located.

Tickets are available onboard the ferry using the ticket machine that accepts debit/credit cards.

Or view the Map in Google Maps

It is your responsibility to organise your own transport back to your accommodation after the course finishes each day.

If you are not staying at SPAR Hotel Majorna, you are still welcome to meet the instructor at the SPAR Hotel Majorna to travel to Chalmers Lindholmen.

Alternatively, you can also use this website to plan your transportation route: