IMO Day of the Seafarer 2014

IMO will be celebrating the fourth anniversary of its global 'Day of the Seafarer' campaign on 25 June.

"Seafarers," says the IMO, "Are the people without whom food, clothes, gifts, gadgets or even basic needs would not reach our doors. We rely on them every day. Yet have you ever said thank you to a seafarer? Chances are you haven't."

25 June is the opportunity to do so.


Thirty Countries Represented at IMRF Mass Rescue Conference

London, 23rd June 2014. Thirty countries and 72 organisations were represented at the third International Maritime Rescue Federation (IMRF) Mass Rescue conference which was attended by 122 people.

Held in Gothenburg, Sweden, the conference was rich with presentations ranging from the background of the Costa Concordia rescue operation and the US Coastguard's Black Swan mass rescue exercise to an address from Dan-Sten Olsson, owner and CEO of Stena AB, and a moving account of rescue following 40 hours in the sea from Mohammad Mobarak Hossain, 2nd Officer of the cargo ship Hope.




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