Our Work

The International Maritime Rescue Federation (IMRF) is an international, non-governmental organisation (NGO) that supports search and rescue (SAR) organisations with the development and improvement of maritime SAR capacity around the world.

This is done by providing guidance, facilitating training and enabling SAR providers to share knowledge and expertise between members across the IMRF community. Its work spans some of the most important issues facing maritime SAR and is vital to raising and maintaining standards, as well as improving overall global SAR capability.

The IMRF currently has close to 130 members in over 50 countries, creating an engaged and passionate global SAR community.  Our influence is amplified through our consultative status at the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) and our role in key IMO Working Groups such as the IMO/ICAO SAR Joint Working Group. We also lead several industry-wide programmes to tackle issues facing the international maritime SAR sector, including our #SARyouOK? mental health initiative, our Mass Rescue Operations (MRO) guidance project and our #FutureSAR climate change initiative. 

Our members remain our strongest asset and each year we welcome more SAR organisations, technology and equipment suppliers, and governmental organisations, each of which support one another by sharing knowledge, experience, expertise and innovations through our programme of webinars, conferences, events, forums and other activities. By cooperating in this manner, the IMRF members can cost-effectively share the burden of developing rescue capabilities to meet ever-growing challenges by learning from the ideas and experiences of others.

The IMRF continues to be at the forefront of the maritime SAR sector, offering a vital support network to the sector worldwide, regardless of the size and scope of the member.

For more information about the International Maritime Rescue Federation (IMRF), view our "Annual Reportpage. To join the IMRF, kindly visit our membership page