Improving Maritime SAR Capability Worldwide

The International Maritime Rescue Federation (IMRF) brings the world's maritime SAR organisations together.

COVID-19 & Pandemic Response

The IMRF has now developed a guidance manual that could be used as the basis for planning and delivering maritime SAR services in pandemics.


Author: Wendy Webster

The 2022 IMRF Awards are now open for nominations

Its time to recognise your colleagues for their exceptional actions and applaud their expertise and skills in conducting SAR rescue operations. Nominations for the 2022 IMRF Awards are now open.


Author: Tom Scott

The IMRF #WomenInSAR Initiative

The #WomenInSAR initiative aims to increase the representation of women in the maritime sector generally and to provide support for, and raise the profile of, women in the maritime SAR sector specifically.


Author: Wendy Webster

Our Impact


Crew Members Over 519 Crew Members have participated and Trained in the European Crew Exchange from 2012 to 2019


Colleagues of IMRF Member Organisations 259 Colleagues of IMRF Member Organisations have participated at the Lifeboat Crew Exchange 2020 – Webinar Sessions


x 100 - Visits The MRO Pages, including the MRO Resources Library, had in total 19189 visits in the whole of 2020


IMRF Members The IMRF has 115 Members from 50 countries (2020)

Upcoming events

  • International #WomenInSAR Training and Seminar – Finland – 26-29 August 2022

    Join us for the first International Search and Rescue (SAR) IMRF #WomenInSAR Training and Seminar, hosted by the Finnish Lifeboat Institution (FLBI). Read more

  • WMRC 2023 - Dates Announced

    The fifth World Maritime Rescue Congress will be held from 18–20 June 2023 in Rotterdam in the Netherlands. The Congress theme is: "Towards Sustainable Maritime SAR – Building on our History to Secure our Future." Read more

Latest news


  • Blog: IMRF Awards - Michael Vlasto

    We sit down with Michael Vlasto, a former IMRF trustee and Chair of the IMRF Awards Judging Panel, to discuss the history of the IMRF Awards and his hopes for this year’s nominations. Read more

  • Blog: #WomenInSAR - Martina Capriotti

    We talk to Martina Capriotti, a water rescue trainer and board member of the Italian Federation of Aquatic Rescue (FISA), about the IMRF’s upcoming International #WomenInSAR training and seminar, as well as the role of women in modern SAR operations. Read more

  • Podcast: Why Gender Balance in Maritime SAR Matters

    Caroline Jupe, IMRF’s Head of Fundraising & Projects, sits down with Jori Nordström from the Finnish Lifeboat Institution and Michael Vlasto, former IMRF Chair and Chair of the IMRF Awards committee, to discuss why gender balance matters in maritime search and rescue (SAR). Read more

  • Blog: How Arctic Airboats Are Adapting their SAR Vessels

    We speak with Henrik Paersch, managing director of Arctic Airboats, about how SAR vessels in harsh environments are adapting and how using modern technologies and techniques is helping to drive a new class of first responder vessels. Read more