In October 2023, the IMRF launched the #SaferSAR initiative to improve maritime safety efforts. The initiative began as a 12-month feasibility study for a globally accessible platform for search and rescue (SAR) personnel and organisations to share lessons and best practices identified in SAR incidents and accidents.

This week, the IMRF takes the next step and, in partnership with CHIRP, launches the pilot reporting system of the #SaferSAR initiative. It aims to start the collection of SAR Unit incident and accident reports worldwide to make SAR operations more effective and safer for everyone involved.

The new reporting system enables SAR professionals to submit any safety-related observations they encounter on their units. Currently in its pilot phase, the system is fully functional and operates on the CHIRP platform. Once reports are submitted, the data are de-identified to ensure confidentiality, and the results are shared with IMRF for thorough analysis and communication.

To submit a report, please click here

The reporting system is notable for its strong commitment to confidentiality. Reporters' identities are never revealed, allowing SAR professionals to share their experiences and insights without fear of repercussions. This confidentiality is essential for promoting open and honest reporting, ultimately improving the quality and reliability of the collected data.

By utilising the combined experiences of SAR units around the world, the IMRF aims to recognise trends, patterns, and potential safety issues, and therefore, the data will be extremely valuable in creating more efficient safety procedures and training programmes for SAR operations.

Participation in this initiative not only contributes to a safer maritime environment but also supports organisations that may lack the resources to collect and analyse such critical information themselves. This collaborative approach ensures that all SAR units, regardless of size or funding, can benefit from shared knowledge and insights, empowering them to make a significant contribution to the safety of SAR operations.

SAR professionals are encouraged to submit detailed reports on incidents and accidents they encounter. Your contributions will be crucial in the global effort to save more lives at sea. The reports will be handled strictly confidentially and analysed for patterns, trends, and isolated safety observations, which will then be shared in a general form with the SAR community.

Please visit the IMRF reporting page to submit your reports. By taking part in this important initiative, you will not only help create a safer maritime environment, also in those organisations that do not yet have a reporting system of their own, but also support a global network of SAR professionals dedicated to saving lives.

To submit a report, please click on the #SaferSAR SAR Unit Safety Reporting today.