The IMRF's Global Maritime SAR Forum (GMSF) is the world's leading global SAR community platform to share, present and discuss current, new, or proposed technologies, processes, procedures, skills, techniques, training, lessons, and experiences with a view to sharing information to improve SAR.

The virtual meetings will be held monthly and are open to IMRF members only. The meetings will consist of a presentation followed by an open discussion. The presentation part of the meeting will be recorded and put on the members-only area of the IMRF website.

The next meeting will take place on 6 March at 19:00 UTC on the subject: ‘Never Miss a Piece of Information - How a Maritime Automatic Speech Recognizer (Asr) Will Improve Our SAR Capabilities’, presented by Thomas Luebke, DGzRS, Germany.

To join the next GMSF Forum, contact Roly McKie, the IMRF's SAR Advisor and lead of the GMSF committee.