This manual, together with the accompanying Rescue Boat Operator Search Cards, provides recommended best practice for any organisation looking at introducing basic training in Rescue Boat SAR operations.

The primary aim is to save lives by providing a resource containing essential skills, knowledge and guidance for those operating in a maritime environment.

They have been designed as a guidance document and can be adapted to suit the local environment.

The Search Cards are derived from the International Aeronautical and Maritime Search and Rescue Manual (IAMSAR) Volume III and are designed to complement this manual.

These resources will be reviewed every three years. If you have any comments, feedback or require any support with the use of these resources please contact the IMRF on the following address: [email protected].

Download Basic Rescue Boat Operator Manual & Search Cards

Basic Rescue Boat Operator Manual 2023 Rescue Boat Operator Search Cards
Download PDF: Basic Rescue Boat Manual- PDF Download PDF: Rescue Boat Operator Search Cards - PDF