Inspiration can often come from difficult circumstances. Growing up in southern Norway and close to an open stretch of sea, Geir Karlsen often witnessed boats going down at sea and with it the people on board. One particular shipwreck in Kvåsefjorden, located just a few nautical miles east of Kristiansand, served as the catalyst for Geir to start developing solutions to prevent these kinds of incidents from taking place.


However, it was not until January 2017 following a downturn in the oil industry and a resulting job loss that Geir spurred into action to offer commercially viable products to help save lives at sea, particularly for those in difficult waters, and begin the story of AntiSink: the IMRF’s latest member.


Antisink is a Norwegian company based in Kristiansand that has invented a ground-breaking safety system for leisure boats, professional boats and emergency services at sea. However, its unique offerings are designed around prevention rather than response.


“There are countless products on the market related to safety at sea. Most of these are directly linked to personnel safety during a shipwreck or an accident. AntiSink is concerned with personal safety in the same way as other suppliers of safety products, but our aim with the products is to prevent shipwrecks,” said Christian Karlsen S. Skeie, Head of Sales, Marketing and Commercial Partnerships at AntiSink. 


“As a result of AntiSink’s bespoke and developed technology and solutions, we are doing our part to prevent shipwrecks and increase the probability of survival and being found during an incident.”


Their product solutions are robust and designed with minimal maintenance in mind in a maritime environment. They have several products on offer, including such as AntiSink All-in-One and AntiSink Large Boats. Crucially, for the maritime SAR community, AntiSink has worked with regional safety organisations, , such as the Norwegian Sea Rescue Society, The Red Cross, and local police and fire departments, to develop the technology and ensure it is fit for purpose. 


“This is why our involvement with the IMRF is so important to us. We want to establish connections with rescue services worldwide and showcase the best practices that our products have to offer. I strongly believe that our IMRF membership is a positive step to creating further awareness of how developed technology can improve the maritime SAR sector,” Christian added.


Staying afloat


AntiSink is a fixed safety system with a large lifting force that is triggered automatically if water gets on board. This ensures that the boat stays afloat until help arrives. Should the accident occur when the boat is docked, AntiSink secures valuables, such as the engine and electronic components, by keeping them above water for up to several weeks.


The rescue kit can keep the vessel afloat until it can be towed to shore, reducing the risk of dumping litter in the ocean and significantly reducing the chances of hypothermia-induced injuries. Furthermore, the system is reusable; the bags, hoses and cases can be used repeatedly, making it cost-effective, environmentally friendly, and sustainable. 


You can find out more about AntiSink’s line of products and how they work here: