Finalist of the IMRF Awards 2019 Category: #WomenInSAR

Captain SONG Yin joined Donghai No.1 Rescue Flying Service of the Ministry of Transport after graduating from Shanghai Maritime University in 2008. 

She has gained extensive flying and technical experience and is one of China’s first female captains of a search and rescue helicopter.

With more than 2,951 flying hours, including over 886 hours of rescue flying, Captain SONG has successfully rescued 207 people at sea.

She is passionate about her flying career and maritime search and rescue and is already well known in China as a modern-day maritime heroine. 

On January 20, 2019, Capt. Song rescued a fisherman seriously injured by cables, from the fishing boat "Liao Da Jin Yu" in very bad weather. On the same day, another fishing boat was in distress and sank in very rough sea conditions, yet, without one second’s hesitation, she flew the second mission to rescue two people in the water who were distressed and exhausted.

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