The IMRF has officially launched its international e-learning platform. Built in cooperation with international partners, the IMRF’s Maritime SAR Online Training Academy offers maritime SAR organisations and personnel the chance to undertake self-paced courses that can improve the capabilities and skills of those who save lives at sea.

The platform will enable SAR personnel to undertake essential maritime SAR training on-demand, offering a certificate of completion to those who successfully complete each course.

The IMRF’s online training academy is available to IMRF members only and African SAR organisations.

Click here to access and learn more about the platform.

Users of the platform will have access to the IMRF’s Basic Rescue Boat Operator course, which is aligned with the IMRF’s Basic Rescue Boat Operator Manual and contains essential skills, knowledge and guidance for those operating in the maritime SAR environment. The IMRF is looking to update the platform over time with new courses. If you have any material that you would like to share to do this, please contact Caroline Jupe.

“I want to thank all of our partners from across the maritime SAR community who came together to help the IMRF launch its  e-learning platform,” said Caroline Jupe, CEO of the IMRF.

“We have taken the best practices and learnings we experienced during the pandemic and applied them to this fantastic training resource. It is the latest step in our mission to provide effective and wide-ranging training courses and activities to our members and SAR organisations in Africa. I hope it is of great benefit to all who use it,” she added.

The launch of the platform follows on from the extensive work and training courses the IMRF has undertaken online due in part to the Covid-19 pandemic. In addition, the IMRF has run a series of online-only training programmes for Africa that showcased the effectiveness of online training courses.