The IMRF is pleased to announce the election of its latest board of trustees following the Quadrennial General Meeting, which took place in Rotterdam in the Netherlands following the World Maritime Rescue Congress in mid-June.

Jacob Tas, CEO of the Royal Netherlands Sea Rescue Institution (KNRM) was elected as Chair, with Cia Sjöstedt, CEO of the Swedish Sea Rescue Society (SSRS) elected as Vice-Chair.

Nicolaus Stadeler from the German Maritime Search and Rescue Service (DGzRS) and Zhang Rongjun from China Rescue and Salvage Bureau (CRS) were both reappointed as Trustees, while Alex Barrell from Marine Rescue New South Wales, Clay Evans (ret) from the Canadian Coast Guard (CCG) and Captain Jori Nordström from the Finnish Lifeboat Institution (FLBI) were elected as the IMRF’s newest board members.

“It is a pleasure to welcome all of the IMRF’s newest and returning board members. Each of them bring a wealth of experience in maritime search and rescue and truly represent the global nature of the IMRF and its membership,” said Caroline Jupe, CEO of the IMRF.

“The IMRF is an international collaboration of like-minded individuals that are all looking to improve the capabilities of maritime search and rescue organisations to save more lives at sea. As Chair of the Board, I will ensure that the IMRF continues on this path and remains a critical voice in the global SAR community,” said Jacob Tas, Chair of the IMRF.

A full list of the IMRF’s new board of trustees is below:

  • Jacob Tas - Chair
  • Cia Sjöstedt - Vice Chair
  • Nicolaus Stadeler - Trustee
  • Zhang Rongjun - Trustee
  • Alex Barrell - Trustee
  • Clay Evans - Trustee
  • Captain Jori Nordström – Trustee

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