The IMRF is pleased to welcome Jaakko Heikkilä as its new part-time International Programme Manager.

In his new role, Jaakko will oversee the development and delivery of key IMRF programmes including #FutureSAR and #WomenInSAR as well as events, including working groups, panels, courses and conferences, that promote SAR best practices to the global SAR community and IMRF membership. 

In addition to his role at the IMRF, Jaakko remains as Head of Training at the Finnish Lifeboat Institution (FLBI) where he has been in place since 2016. He also serves as a volunteer lifeboat crew member at the FLBI Helsinki Station.

Prior to joining FLBI, Jaakko spent 13 years as a Senior Researcher working for the Finnish government, contributing to various interdisciplinary research projects and holding a Licentiate of Science degree in environmental economics.

“It is an honour to join the IMRF at such an important time for our industry. On the heels of the World Maritime Rescue Congress in Rotterdam, which I had the pleasure of joining, the international SAR community is facing a number of key challenges that impact our ability to save people’s lives at sea. The IMRF is a vital organisation that is helping to mitigate these challenges and I look forward to playing a part in helping the global SAR community in my new role,” Jaakko noted.

“Jaakko poses a wealth of experience in maritime SAR and a passion for the industry that is unmatched. I warmly welcome him to his role as the IMRF’s International Programme Manager and I have full confidence that he will deliver a fantastic set of programmes that will benefit IMRF members around the world as well as the wider maritime SAR community,” said Caroline Jupe, Chief Executive Officer of the IMRF.

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