Maritime SAR organisations are making great strides to improve the diversity of their crews and teams, both at sea and on shore, and include more women in their day-to-day operations. SAR organisations in Africa, in particular, have made recruiting and retaining female staff a top priority and the results are beginning to show, with a number of impressive women becoming leaders at their respective SAR organisation across Africa.

To mark International Women’s Day 2023, we are releasing two podcasts with interviews from participants of the IMRF’s most recent #WomenInSAR seminar, which took place in Morocco earlier this year.

In the first podcast, Caroline Jupe, CEO of the IMRF, speaks to Shaw Fatu Morris, Associate Director for Maritime Security at the Liberian Maritime Authority, and Mansaray Kadijatu, a coxswain from the Sierra Leone Maritime Administration, about their roles in maritime SAR and what lessons they hope to take back to improve diversity at their organisations.

Shaw Fatu Morris, Liberian Maritime Authority, and Mansaray Kadijatu, Sierra Leone Maritime Administration - #WomenInSAR Podcast

In the second podcast, Caroline talks to Mbunesie Njoya Nsangou Alvine Lure, Head of the Maritime District of Litterol Region in Cameroon, about her background in maritime SAR and how important an inclusive environment is for SAR organisations. Please note that Mbunesie speaks in both English and French in this podcast.

Mbunesie Njoya Nsangou Alvine Lure, Head of the Maritime District of Litterol Region in Cameroon - #WomenInSAR Podcast


The IMRF’s #WomenInSAR initiative is looking to increase the representation of and provide support for women in the maritime SAR sector. To find out more about the initiative and the resources we have produced so far, including highlighting some amazing women in the industry, click here: