Search and rescue (SAR) organisations should lead from the front and initiate a mental health and wellbeing culture.

SAR workers often face stresses that are not present in other high-risk fields of work. Operating in a high-stake environment on a near-constant basis can impact the mental health and wellbeing of those involved in maritime SAR.

Sylvian Moynault, responsible for International Relations and the Operational Coordinator at The Société Nationale de Sauvetage en Mer (SNSM) in France, says SAR organisations should promote an open discussion about mental health and wellbeing. The focus should be assisting those who have experienced harmful or difficult situations and the SARyouOK? initiative brings attention to this, which leads to organisations' improved mental health strategies. The initiative also encourages sharing experiences and best practices between SAR organisations, given the common challenges faced by SAR organisations around the world.

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