If your application is for Full Membership, the following information is necessary in order to determine your annual Membership Subscription.

To determine the most appropriate level of membership subscription for each organisation, we use the turnover or budget for SAR. Every Full member pays the appropriate amount based on their funds, for example an organisation with a turnover of more than £4 million would be a Full large member and an organisation with a budget of £100,000 would be a Full small member. This means that, proportionally, everyone pays an amount that is appropriate to their organisation’s funds.

Please declare the most appropriate category for your organisation below, please note that the IMRF reserve to right to refuse your application if the Trustees feel that your declaration below is not accurate to the size of your organisation.

Turnover or Budget

Membership Size

Membership fee

€4 million and over         



€400,000 to €4 Million