Winner of the IMRF Award 2018 for Outstanding Team Contribution to a Maritime SAR Operation 

The KNRM Terschelling Paal 8 team won the team award for its actions in two particularly challenging SAR operations.

The first was on 29 October 2017 when they helped the guard vessel Drifa. The ship’s engine had failed and the windows on the bridge had been lost.

There were four people onboard the vessel as it drifted in appalling weather, in force eight north westerly winds and waves six to ten meters high.

The crew of the KNRM lifeboat guided a coastguard vessel to the stricken Drifa, staying with the ship and seafarers until it was safe.

The second rescue took place on 1 March, when a fishing vessel the ZK 80 Linquendaal ran aground between the islands of Schiermonnikoog and Ameland in the Waddenzee.

The wind was 8 BFT from the east and the temperature was -8 degrees centigrade, with a wind chill factor of -22 degrees.

Very few lifeboats (they are mainly waterjet driven vessels) were on duty in the area because of the exceptionally heavy ice conditions.

The Frans Hoogewind lifeboat was the only vessel able to reach the grounded fishing boat, and in the course of the rescue, the lifeboat’s own air intake channels became blocked with ice, and one of the VHF antenna broke because of heavy ice on the mast.

Nevertheless, the crew of the Frans Hoogewind were able to rescue three crew members from the grounded fishing vessel, one of whom already had frostbite.

On both occasions, the lifeboat crew demonstrated excellent seamanship, enormous courage and an exceptional knowledge of the sea.

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