Randel Maestre - Chief Marketing Officer - Orolia/McMurdo

Randel Maestre, Chief Marketing Officer at McMurdo, says “We are honoured as a trusted partner of the IMRF to jointly develop the programs, training courses and educational material that can prevent the loss of life in the world’s waters. IMRF have a proven track record in improving SAR across the world, and when combined with McMurdo’s emergency readiness and response products, services and solutions, I am confident that we can jointly achieve our common goal – to save more lives.

Join Us as an IMRF Corporate Partner & Improve Maritime SAR Capability Worldwide

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Why Partner With Us 

Our corporate partners choose to work with the IMRF for a range of reasons:

We can help you reach the maritime search and rescue sector;
Raise your brand profile;
We can generate positive PR;
You could become a sector leader in Corporate Social Responsibility.

By partnering with us we ensure we all meet our objectives.

To achieve this, we take a consultative approach, based around the long-term needs of your business and the IMRF.

A true partnership for us is one that will achieve our mutual goals. To do this we tailor each partnership to your company’s needs.

More Information

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