Fifteen volunteer members of the Hellenic Rescue Team (HRT) participated since Monday, 14th November 2016 in the fourth training course in maritime rescue procedures, hosted at the training center of the Norwegian Society in Sea Rescue (Redningsselskapet, RS) in Horten, Norway.

Like the previous courses, the current training course is part of the continuous support towards HRT by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Norwegian Society in Sea Rescue, which apart from the training courses, also includes rescue vessels and equipment, reinforcement of the organization’s current radio network and fuel for the operational needs of HRT.

Most members of the Hellenic Rescue Team that participate in the training, are experienced rescuers, specialized in sea rescue and in operating boats and are active in branches of Lesvos, Magnisia, Corfu, Achaia, Messinia, Rhodes and the Headquarters in Thessaloniki.

It is worth mentioning that with funds from the same program, the Hellenic Rescue Team has already proceeded in the procurement of five rescue vessels that soon will be fully operational. RS, however, has donated to HRT one more boat, called “Norway I”, which operates in Kos island.

At the same time with the training course for the volunteers of HRT, RS hosted on its premises in Oslo the HRT press officer, who was trained in communication, fundraising and marketing.

The close and constant cooperation between the Norwegian RS and HRT has enabled the Hellenic Rescue Team to greatly enhance its operational capability at sea, and therefore being able to respond even to the most demanding operations.

Image & Text from Redningsselskapet, RS