The IMRF recently welcomed the Shandong International Ocean Engineering Training Center (SIOETC) as one of its latest members.  

Based in Weifang, China, SIOETC is a professional and leading training institute in China that provides certification and skill training to marine resources practitioners. It aims to improve the safety, environmental protection and survival skills of personnel at sea.

The organisation was established in 2018 and specialises in international standardised safety training for relevant maritime staff and managers, including offshore oil, wind power, emergency rescue organisations, medical security departments and many more. 

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of SIOETC, Wu Yue, said that adequate training at all levels for search and rescue (SAR) personnel is vital and a training centre like SIOETC can provide valuable knowledge and skills to perform tasks effectively and safely in different scenarios and weather conditions. 

"Training can enhance the confidence, competence, and coordination of SAR operations. It is not only SAR personnel that can benefit from our training, but it is also beneficial to the public to learn how to prevent or respond to emergencies, how to co-operate with SAR personnel, and how to survive until help arrives," he added. 

In addition to having maritime facilities, SIOETC also has professional simulation units and facilities for air and land-based SAR such as its Helicopter Underwater Escape Training (HUET), fire-fighting simulators, and a lifeboat simulator with a pool. 

SIOETC joined the IMRF earlier this year and has already translated the IMRF’s Basic Rescue Boat Operator Manual into Chinese. SIOETC is also working to develop Helicopter SAR Guidance Standards and boat and diving search and rescue protocols. The IMRF provide members with opportunities to obtain valuable insight, learn from each other and share experiences that can be adapted to suit specific needs or requirements.

"The IMRF's main focus areas is to share best practises and to inform maritime SAR organisations about innovations that will benefit the SAR community. All these are there to educate professionals and volunteers to adopt more efficient, safe and optimised methods for rescue operations. As a professional training centre, we are ready to participate in the IMRF’s work," said Wu.  

"I am honoured to join the IMRF, and I hope that our affiliation will be beneficial and that we will work closely together to provide vital training to maritime SAR personnel. SIOETC is a motivated team, and we want to help create healthy and safe ways for SAR personnel to operate at their full potential," he concluded.