Finalist of the IMRF Awards 2019 Category: Individual

Daisy is the President of the Cuerpo de Voluntarios del Bote Salvavidas de Puerto Montt (CVBSPM), a volunteer search and rescue organisation in Chile. The volunteers train each week to ensure that they are ready for any maritime SAR mission.

Daisy joined the organisation in 2006, aged 16 and hasn’t stopped since then.

She gained both her Radio Operator and her small boat Captain qualifications and was then appointed finance officer for the whole organisation.

She was involved in the search for missing persons after volcanic eruptions, has participated in many maritime search and rescues, as well as the recovery of lost persons from lakes and rivers.

Over time she has taken on more responsibility and has reached the rank of second lieutenant. 

She has even managed to obtain significant financial support from a Regional Fund to promote the organisation.

Daisy Gallardo was elected President of CVBSPM in 2016, the very first woman to be President of a Search and Rescue organisation, not only in Puerto Montt, but also in the whole of Chile.

As a result of her ongoing efforts, the CVBSPM is now a recognized and respected partner of the National Emergency Response Organization (ONEMI) and has successfully implemented a communications plan between the coastal communities and the different public services.

In March 2019 Daisy was awarded the Citizens Medal for Merit.

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