Daisy Gallardo Delgardo, President and Commander of IMRF Member organisation, Cuerpo de Voluntarios del Bote Salvavidas de Puerto Montt (CVBSPM) in Chile has been awarded the title Illustrious Daughter of Puerto Montt.

A finalist in the IMRF Awards 2019, Daisy joined the Puerto Montt Lifeboats when she was just 16 years old. She was elected President of CVBSPM in 2016, the very first woman to hold the position in Puerto Montt and the first woman to lead a Chilean maritime search and rescue organization.

Daisy was recognised as an Illustrious Daughter of the Commune of Puerto Montt at a ceremony attended by local and regional authorities, mayors and parliamentarians held at the Arena Puerto Montt. 

The title recognises her contribution to the safety of her community, her leadership of the CVBSPM, her actions representing CVBSPM internationally and her work inspiring, promoting and encouraging women’s involvement in a traditionally male-dominated sector.

Mayor Paredes announcing the citation said:We are recognizing people who have made a great gift to their community, with a big heart. With this, we are resuming this tradition interrupted by the pandemic and that makes us reflect on the value of special people who deserve to be highlighted, even though there are undoubtedly many, and who give value to our coexistence.

Receiving the award, Daisy said:I am very grateful for this.  As President and Commander of the Cuerpo de Voluntarios del Bote Salvavidas de Puerto Montt, I would also like to thank all my colleagues and the Municipal Council for their support, together we work to enhance safety and respond to anyone in distress in our rivers and the sea. I am pleased to see many more women working in maritime search and rescue, clearly demonstrating that our skills and commitment make a valuable contribution to the safety of our community.

The official presentation of the distinctions took place on 10 February 2022 in a special session of the Municipal Council, as part of the celebrations marking the 169th anniversary since the founding of Puerto Montt, on 12 February 1853.

Puerto Montt was founded —as Melipulli on the north shore of Seno de Reloncaví— by Vicente Pérez Rosales.

At the beginning of the 20th Century its population reached 7,364 people.

Today, according to the 2017 Census, it has 213,119 inhabitants and covers an area of ​​1,673 km².