Commander Maritime Dr. Suzanna Razali Chan, Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency

Runner up for the IMRF #WomenInSAR Award

Commander Maritime Dr. Suzanna Razali Chan was nominated for the #WomenInSAR Award for her measurable impact as a passionate advocate for Maritime Search and Rescue (MSAR) in Malaysia.

She joined the Malaysia Coast Guard in 2007 as a Lieutenant Maritime Officer and is now the Principal Assistant Director in the Search and Rescue & Disaster Relief Division at the Malaysia Coast Guard Headquarters.

Suzanna has completed extensive training in MSAR attending local and international courses such as SAR Mission Coordinator (2009), SAR Coordinator in China (2017), Incident Command System in Taiwan (2017), Maritime Search and Rescue, Maritime Disaster Prevention and Maritime Disaster Protection in Japan (2018), as well as Cospas-Sarsat Training organized by a Canadian Company (2020).

Alongside her experience gained working in the Maritime Rescue Coordination Center (MRCC) and Maritime Rescue Sub Center (MRSC), she has become one of the leading MSAR specialists in Malaysia.

Her dedication and achievement in field of MSAR is impressive. She completed her doctorate in Business Management with a thesis on Maritime Safety and is the one and only PhD holder in the Malaysia Coast Guard. She has been a Malaysian representative at the IMO, London and the Cospas-Sarsat Council in Canada in June 2019 and January 2020.

She has made significant, observable changes to the Malaysia MSAR. She has broken many barriers and enriched the lives of Malaysia Coast Guard officers, especially the women officers acting as a role model and a mentor.

The scope of her work has extended beyond the province, and she has influenced many people at a national level, where she has shown exemplary initiative and leadership skills.

This was demonstrated when she was appointed acting director for the Search and Rescue & Disaster Relief Division at a very young age. She is an MSAR instructor and has been selected as the Maritime Search and Rescue Subject Matter Expert (SME) in Malaysia.

Suzanna's commitment to the Malaysia Coast Guard’s core values is visible in her contributions to the unit and community. She leads the Malaysia Coast Guard Officer’s Club, has hosted inter-agency SAR events and coordinated SAR courses.

Suzanna is an avid writer and speaker on Maritime Safety and has delivered a range of MSAR training during the pandemic for ship crews and the Malaysia Coast Guard’s Reserve Officers.

She writes and presents Information Papers in the Asia Pacific Search and Rescue Meetings and is currently preparing the Mass Maritime Rescue Operation Standard Operating Procedure and Way Forward for the MSAR Strategic Planning 2021-2025.

On 27 October 2020, she successfully coordinated a SAR operation from the MRCC in Putrajaya, involving an offshore vessel “DAYANG TOPAZ” which hit BARAM B oil platform in bad weather in Sarawak waters. 189 people were rescued with just two fatalities.
Dr. Suzanna has diligently contributed to the Malaysia Coast Guard’s vision of “being among the best maritime law enforcement agencies in the world”. She truly embodies the Malaysia Coast Guard’s core values and is an example to all.

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