Krista Lynn Elvidge, Canadian Coast Guard

Joint Winner of the IMRF #WomenInSAR Award

Krista Lynn Elvidge has been nominated for her huge contribution to maritime SAR on Canada’s Atlantic coast for over 20 years. She embodies the spirit, work ethic and intelligence necessary to make a difference in the maritime SAR world.

Starting as a deck hand with the Canadian Coast Guard Inshore Rescue boat service in 2000, Krista was promoted to station coxswain of the Halifax Inshore Rescue boat in 2003. Over the next five years she led her crew through dozens of SAR missions in the Halifax area.

In 2008, Krista graduated with a Masters in health informatics from Dalhousie University, Halifax. Shortly afterwards, the same time the Canadian Coast Guard offered her a full-time position with the SAR Program team in the Atlantic region.

Krista began training as a small craft instructor and worked to coordinate the regional Inshore Rescue Boat program.

She has volunteered for 10 years with the Nova Scotia lifesaving society, including serving two terms as president. She continues to conduct data research on drownings to develop analytical information which is then used to promote safe boating and to encourage water-users to wear flotation devices when working or playing on Canadian water ways.

In 2017, she was promoted to a Senior SAR Officer leading a team in the regional risk analysis of maritime SAR domain reviews. Currently, Krista is serving as the Regional Supervisor, Maritime SAR at the Joint Rescue Coordination Centre, Halifax where she supervises the daily activities including search mission coordination across the vast Halifax SRR.

Anyone working in any domain of search and rescue arguably makes impact on the system and to those who are in peril on the seas. But Krista Elvidge’s impact is the distinction with which she approaches any task she is given. She uses intelligence, hard work and an ever-present commitment to excellence to push boundaries, challenge concepts and find the best way to complete a task.

Demonstrating an unwavering ability to get the "job done", Krista has an enormously positive impact on the Canadian SAR system.
Effectively managing human resources during crisis is a very difficult job, but as a responder, a crew leader and supervisor, Krista demonstrates all the core competencies which SAR members aspire to - especially women in SAR.

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