The IMRF is set to launch a working group (WG) next year that will be focused on the development of a bespoke training course based on its Basic Rescue Boat Operator manual.

Caroline Jupe, IMRF’s Head of Fundraising and Projects and Commander Phil Bostock, Head of International Liaison at the United Kingdom’s HM Coastguard, presented the proposal for the course to the 29th meeting of the International Civil Aviation Organization/International Maritime Organization Joint Working Group on Harmonization of Aeronautical and Maritime Search and Rescue (ICAO/IMO JWG-SAR) in October.

They stated that while the manual has already proven to be a fantastic resource for IMRF members and SAR organisations worldwide, an associated course would make it easier for organisations with limited training resources or those looking to deliver capacity building activities and training in a standardized manner.

“We have already realised the benefits of the Basic Rescue Boat Operator manual. By creating a bespoke training course based on the manual, we want to continue to support maritime SAR organisations worldwide by providing best practices and capabilities via different means,” said Caroline

During the ICAO/IMO JWG-SAR meeting, it was noted that the course could be in a similar format to courses supplied by the IMO to underpin and support the guidance of the International Aeronautical and Maritime Search and Rescue (IAMSAR) manual, enabling a more rapid transfer of information and skills.

“In the first instance, we want to start a correspondence group between IMRF members and SAR organisations to ensure that there is a wide range of expertise and experiences as we develop the course,” said Caroline.

“We are looking to launch the WG in June 2023 following the World Maritime Rescue Congress in Rotterdam and are now asking for interested parties to join us.”

If you are interested in being a part of the WG on delivering a bespoke training course based on the Basic Rescue Boat Manual, please email Caroline Jupe at [email protected]

The IMRF has recently updated its Basic Rescue Boat Operator manual following a routine three-year review process to ensure that updated safety critical information has been captured and shared accordingly. 

Some updates include revised terminology to ensure it aligns with the IAMSAR Manual, additions regarding sound signals as part of the International Regulations for the Prevention Collision at Sea (IRPCS) and more safety notices related to the use of harnesses and lifejackets.

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