Leading global mobile satellite communications provider, and IMRF member Inmarsat, has launched a new maritime safety report in a bid to steer shipping toward a safer future.

In the report, entitled ‘The Future of Maritime Safety’, Inmarsat looks at safety trends from its data gathered between 2019 and 2021 to recognise maritime safety patterns at both local and global levels. Inmarsat hopes that, by understanding these patterns, maritime safety and Search and Rescue (SAR) organisations can take proactive steps to prevent incidents from happening in the future.

The report found that, while total vessel losses decreased during this period, which was predominately during the Covid-19 outbreak, Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (GMDSS) calls rose abruptly, from 597 in 2018 to 834 in 2020.

Inmarsat’s latest report also takes a closer look at how the Covid-19 pandemic impacted safety of vessel crews and how they adapted to a ‘new normal’.

Peter Broadhurst, Inmarsat’s Senior Vice-President of Safety and Regulation, said, “I believe that collaborating and sharing knowledge with our peers across the maritime SAR sector is the best way to advance ship safety and keep our seafarers safe. This new report should spark a number of important conversations and further improve our industry.”

Theresa Crossley, CEO of the IMRF, who was featured in the report, added, “The past couple of years have taught us a lot about resilience and safety. It reminded us to expect the unexpected.

“While the pandemic accelerated digital safety programmes, it is important to realise the effectiveness of in-person practical training, especially when it comes to preventing accidents and handling emergency situations.”

The report can be downloaded for free from Inmarsat’s website here: https://www.inmarsat.com/en/insights/maritime/2022/the-future-of-maritime-safety-2022.html

The IMRF has also launched its own Pandemic Response Guidance to aid maritime SAR services prepare for future major health emergencies. You can access the guidance for free here: https://www.international-maritime-rescue.org/News/pandemic-response-guidance-for-maritime-search-and-rescue-organisations-covid