A 360 degree look at the IMRF by Theresa Crossley, CEO, IMRF.

This has been a very busy 4 years for the IMRF.

We have consolidated our position as a source of expert advice on maritime SAR, particularly through our work on the revision of the IAMSAR manuals; we have continued to work with IMO and other delivery partners to improve maritime SAR capability around the world, especially in Africa; we have provided a platform for our members to exchange views, air challenges and share possible solutions: we have further disseminated our expertise in Mass Rescue Operations, through workshops and conferences; we have launched a new, easier to use website and I have joined as the new Chief Executive.

We have also said goodbye to some long-standing members of the Secretariat and we are about to say “au revoir” to our Chairman and a long-standing supporter of the IMRF, Captain Udo Helge Fox of DGzRS.

Looking forward, we will have a new Board and a new Chair, who, together, will lead IMRF into the next quadrennium.

We have plenty of plans: our work to improve global maritime SAR capability will continue; we will be supporting the IMO’s Empowering Women in Maritime programme with our own Women in SAR initiative; we want to reconfigure the way we do things, to put our members more at the centre of what we do and to develop more of a dialogue with them.

So, we hope to see as many IMRF members as possible at our QGM on 18 June to share their views and ideas for the future of the IMRF.

Your support really matters to us!