Dean Lawrence - Chair

I am looking forward to my second term on the IMRF Board.

I found the first four years a positive and enlightening experience and very rewarding albeit there were a few challenges along the way.

Helping to improve the global SAR capability and working with our members to achieve that is an important and significant contribution we can make to ensure the waters of the world are a safer place.

James Vaughan - Trustee

Personally, I’m really excited to be part of the Trustee team again for the next four years and play my role in supporting the wonderful IMRF team to connect SAR people and influence better global capacity and capability.

Simply put, too many people still drown and I believe the IMRF has a key role in tackling this issue and therefore my hope for the next four years is that the IMRF can make a real impact on these objectives by mobilising the SAR community to share, learn and speak up the risk of drowning, which is often neglected policy makers and funders around the world.

Nicolaus Stadeler - Trustee

Although more than 70% of the earth is covered with water, I believe that people do not know enough about the risk of drowning.

All Rescue Organisations worldwide share the same issue, which is preventing people from drowning and rescue lives at sea.

As a Trustee, I would like to inform more people about our work to get them involved.

Matthew Fader - Outgoing Trustee

The past four years as an IMRF Trustee has been extremely meaningful and a humbling experience to be part of such a wonderful organization promoting collaboration and improvement of global SAR capabilities.

Working side by side with Operations in difficult situations highlighted the importance of the need for increased teamwork across borders in order to save more lives at sea.

It's amazing what we can accomplish together and I hope that member cooperation and support continues to grow.