The movement of asylum-seekers and economic migrants across large areas of sea – in inadequate boats with resulting loss of life – continues in several parts of the world.  

Mark Dowie, CEO of the RNLI, has spoken out about criticism levelled at his own organisation from some quarters for responding to coastguard callouts to rescue "at risk" migrants in the English Channel. He said that he was "very proud" of the RNLI’s work in responding to the need to save lives.  

Read more here: Guardian article: "RNLI hits out at 'migrant taxi service’ accusations".

Theresa Crossley, CEO of the IMRF, commented: "Doing the right thing sometimes takes courage. Although the number of IMRF Members actively involved in this activity has reduced, the IMRF continues to advocate action at the international level to address this ongoing challenge. Mark Dowie speaks for the whole global search and rescue community in defending the fundamental principles of maritime search and rescue and the implicit humanitarian principle of non-refoulement, which is considered part of customary international law."