The IMRF has released the latest version of its Mass Rescue Operations (MRO) Summary Guidance documents.

The documents are available to download from the IMRF’s official MRO website. Please click here to access the documents.

Mass Rescue Operations (MROs) require a level of resource and capability greater than that usually available to a single maritime search and rescue (SAR) organisation. The complexity and  scale of MROs, potentially involving a larger number of people in distress than usual, means that planning for such an event is incredibly challenging.

To successfully undertake an MRO, SAR organisations require additional responders and equipment, enhanced coordination and communication structures, specific training and testing, and learning from the experience of others.

However, by planning and preparing for such challenges, as well as recognising the risks involved, maritime SAR personnel and organisations can find themselves in a much better position to safely carry out MROs and save more lives at sea.

In its role as the international non-governmental organisation working to improve global maritime SAR capabilities, the IMRF’s MRO project team has developed a number of comprehensive resources to help SAR organisations prepare for MROs.

The latest version of our MRO Summary Guidance documents, released in May 2022, provides an extensive look at all aspects of MRO preparation and execution, including planning, risk analysis, and training ahead of such an event, as well effective command, control, coordination and communication during an MRO. In addition to the guidance documents, the IMRF has also produced an example MRO plan.

As the nature and location of MROs can vary, any MRO plans need to be flexible and adaptable in order to meet the needs of the scenario.

The IMRF’s latest guidance documents are designed to offer SAR organisations a framework to develop their own MRO plans, as well as provide practical advice on issues related to funding, resources and communication strategies.

You can read more about the IMRF’s MRO guidance and access additional resources to aid your MRO planning here: