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From those working on the front-line to those working behind the scenes, maritime SAR personnel encounter unique challenges and stresses in their line of work.

They put themselves in harm’s way, sometimes facing the horrific realities of accidents at sea, all while remaining calm under pressure.

SAR personnel always put others first in their line of duty but the question must be asked: who is taking care of SAR personnel themselves?

The IMRF’s #SARyouOK? Initiative is looking to raise awareness and break down the stigma that is attached to mental health and wellbeing in the maritime SAR sector.

We are looking to develop a series of guidelines and best practices that we will share with SAR organisations around the world, working closely with those who have developed frameworks of their own, in order to promote a greater awareness of the mental health challenges faced by SAR personnel.

To launch the initiative, the IMRF has put together the short film above, showcasing representatives of the maritime SAR community who want to tell their stories about the impact that mental health can have on those risking their lives to save others at sea.

If you have any questions and/or would like any further information or to assist us with our #SARyouOK? Initiative, please contact Caroline Jupe at [email protected].