Earlier this year, the IMRF launched its Pandemic Response Guidance for maritime search and rescue organisations. 

The guidance is freely available to any organisation that might find it useful and can be downloaded from the IMRF’s website.

Developed by an IMRF working group, peer reviewed by members and supported by Lloyd’s Register Foundation, the guidance provides the basis for planning and delivering maritime SAR services in future pandemics or major health emergencies – and now it’s available in Spanish.

Theresa Crossley, CEO, IMRF says:The IMRF works to translate its materials and communications into other languages wherever possible, but it depends a little on resources and time available.  However, we are very grateful to IMRF Trustee Jorge Diena for making it possible for us to be able to offer our Pandemic Response Guidance in Spanish, making it accessible to many, many more people around the world. The guidance has been well received and welcomed by members and will genuinely be useful for anyone working in SAR.

The IMRF Pandemic Response Guidance covers:

  • Background information on pandemics and possible actions to assist mitigation and containment;
  • Roles of different stakeholders during a pandemic;
  • Priorities for maritime SAR organisations;
  • Options for delivering essential training;
  • Guidance for non-operational activities;
  • Wellbeing of SAR personnel; and,
  • Safeguarding the environment.

Just click here to download your copy in Spanish.