The IMRF Awards were established six years ago to recognise search and rescue (SAR) professionals around the world for their outstanding actions, skills, expertise and commitment or an innovation/technology that transforms SAR activities. 

This year, the IMRF Team Award has been sponsored by The Sun Glory Marine Company, we’ve asked Mr HU, Chief Executive Officer, why sponsorship of this internationally and highly regarded award matters and to share a bit more about the company and its work. 

The Sun Glory Marine Company is based in Shanghai and committed to providing safe and complete towing services for ships sailing on international routes, domestic coastal routes and inland waterways.

Mr HU explains that because The Sun Glory Marine Company is involved in towing operations in and around the waters of Shanghai Port, teamwork is integral to everything they do. 

The company has been an Associate member of the IMRF since 2014, and strongly identifies with the purpose and development strategy of the IMRF. 

Every time the company and its employees work to help large ships enter and exit the Yangtze River deep water channel and the Shanghai Port area, they are ready to take part in any maritime search and rescue tasks. 

The company is also one of the severe weather emergency agencies on standby ready to assist the Shanghai Maritime Safety Administration should they be needed. 

This is the first time The Sun Glory Marine Company has sponsored one of the IMRF Awards, but the choice of the ‘Team’ category reflects the company’s highly skilled and effective daily teamwork which comes into play whether responding to an emergency situation or completing complex towing manoeuvres in the Port of Shanghai.

Mr HU says: “Our membership of the IMRF and now our sponsorship of the IMRF Awards demonstrates our desire to provide the best emergency SAR response possible for the water users in our region.  By joining the IMRF we have kept up to date with the latest international thinking on techniques and best practice, with access to valuable learning resources, leading to better search and rescue practices in maritime accidents and more effective organisation and use of our resources, significantly improving the country’s SAR capabilities overall.  Our IMRF membership is clear evidence of our desire to continually improve, while accepting our international charitable responsibilities in this area.” 

He adds: “The Sun Glory Marine Company provides safe and comprehensive towing services for ships sailing on international routes, domestic coastal routes and inland waterways.  Our membership of the IMRF underpins our desire to work collaboratively with other international maritime SAR organisations to improve maritime SAR efforts, through increased professional training, providing search and rescue materials, and reducing any loss of life at sea and in the world’s waters.