Two IMRF supporters, Keith and Jenny Esdon, are swimming The Cross Continental Swim, a 4 mile open water swim from Asia to Europe in Istanbul, Turkey, in aid of the IMRF this summer (2017).

Here is their story, told by Keith: “Jenny and I started open water swimming only 2 years ago, and this will be our biggest challenge yet. We have been training in lakes in the UK but never out in deep water. The Cross Continental Swim is around 4 miles from Asia, under the Sultan Selim bridge, then across to the European bank just north of the Fatih Sultan Mehmet bridge. We are not youngsters any more so these events become progressively more challenging. We felt that by taking on such a challenge in open water we might (fleetingly) understand what it must be like when you have no choice. Our aim is to raise as much as we can for this worthy cause to make the seas safer for those in need.

23 July 2017: Keith and Jenny managed to raise £180.00! The IMRF thanks Keith and Jenny for their wonderful efforts.